Introducing: Life of a Queer Indian

As promised, here we go!!

So, long time ago, when I was going through my identity development… I took to writing as an outlet. The following story is based on a true incident. However, much has been changed to make it a part of a larger storyline.

I titled the series “Sangharsha” and this is the first story in it.


Karan detested the road he was about to turn into. He hated it with a passion, especially at this hour of the night. He didn’t despise the road, per se; he was rather wary of the scum that dwelled in the shadows of the street at night. These were the kind of people that made his stomach churn.

To Karan’s utter misfortune, he had to travel through that road every night. His schedule was such, that it didn’t permit an alternative route. He went to college by day and a late afternoon job paid his bills. By the time his shift was over, it was always close to midnight.

Karan would have never had a problem with travelling through that road; after all, scores of other people walked through it all day. He would have never even developed a phobia of the dark places as well, had it not been for the road and the kind of men that it hosted while the sun slept.

He never knew how or when they came to know about it, but they still made him pay hell. Karan had hidden his secret of being gay very well up until that fateful night when the bullies of that street, the ones that live on drugs, booze and sex, confronted him.

That fateful night. Karan remembered it as though it happened yesterday, even though it had been two months since the incident. Ironic, wasn’t it, a road named after the man who was the champion of peace and non-violence could hold such beasts on it and leave a man totally broken. M.G. Road, or Mahatma Gandhi Road, did just that to Karan.

He had been returning from his evening dance class and had met a friend. Time flew by and he never realized that it had gotten so late. Karan bid a hasty farewell to his friend and entered the road that would forever change him. Had he known what was in store for him, the pain and suffering he would have to endure after, he would have avoided that road at all costs.

Winter was at its peak then, being mid-January. Hugging his overcoat tightly around him, Karan had kept cursing the fact that he had lost track of time. Moving as fast as he could, he made his way down M.G. Road. He could hear shouts and jeers coming from a group of rowdy men near a secluded alley leading away from the road. This had made him move even faster, knowing well enough that it was best to avoid those people. But fate had had other things in mind for him and those men did not mind not avoiding him.

Karan heard an abuse, insulting his mother, hurled at him. Ignoring it, he kept his pace when a force from behind suddenly shoved him onto the wall of a nearby shop. A voice Karan recognized threw another abuse at him. It was his college-mate Ravi’s voice. The words that came next from Ravi’s mouth filled Karan with dread.

“Hey, this is the chhakka from my college. He’s in his first year.”

“Is he? He does look a bit fem. Must be gay as well,” quipped another guy who stood on Ravi’s left. Looking towards Karan and with a voice filled with menace, he unzipped his pants and said, “Show me how you like it, cocksucker!”

*        *        * to be continued *       *       *

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