Sangharsha 1.3

Here we go…

                     *        *        * 

Thinking back to that fateful night, Karan remembered entering his home, hoping against hope that his parents had gone to sleep. But lady luck had not been favouring him then and he had found himself wrapped in his mother’s arms. She had been waiting for her son with dinner on the table.

“Go wash your hands and face while I warm up the food.” She broke the hug with a loving smile, a look that only a mother could give.

The smile was swiftly washed off of Shalini’s face when she had seen the condition Karan was in. He had a swollen lower lip and a cut on his eyebrow. His shirt, which was usually white, was tousled and dirty.

“My God! What happened to you?” she gasped.

“Nothing,” Karan replied nonchalantly, shrugging his mother off by turning his back to her.

“This doesn’t appear as nothing to me,” Shalini said sternly, yet her voice dripped with concern. “Have you been in a fight?” 

“Ma, can you please drop it? Karan pleaded. “It’s nothing that I can’t handle.” He turned to go to his room. “And please don’t tell Dad,” he said over his back.

Now he wished he hadn’t been so stubborn and had confided in his parents. M.G Road wouldn’t have become a torture otherwise.

*        *        *  to be continued  *      *      *

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