Of a Selective Moving | Nirmukta

By dismissing the review petitions against the Section 377 order, the Supreme Court has shown how selective it is in enforcing the rights of minorities. Here is a well written piece on the hypocritical attitude adopted by the Apex Court.


Debunking Arguments For 377

A lot has been said regarding India’s anti-sodomy law – section 377. So, here’s a succinct piece that sums up the arguments for getting rid of the archaic law.


A perfect critique of the Section 377 Judgment

I thought that I had posted this, but I was mistaken. So, here is a critique of the Indian Supreme Court’s judgment that set aside the 2009 Delhi High Court verdict and re-criminalized private, consensual sex between adults.

Note: The article was first published online in Outlook by Mr. GAUTAM BHATIA on 11 December 2013. It is reproduced as-is.

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Josh Hutcherson Doesn’t Like Labels

“Maybe I could say right now I’m 100% straight,” says the Hunger Games star, in an interview to Out Magazine. “But who knows? In a fucking year, I could meet a guy and be like, Whoa, I’m attracted to this person.”

Hutcherson is known for being vocal in support of LGBT rights. He founded Straight But Not Narrow – a youth organization that focuses on arming allied kids with the confidence and tools they need to speak out against homophobia. 


We Need More Allies Like Maclemore

I love it when a straight person comes out as an ally. Yes, that’s right. One needs to come out as an ally because an ally means an active advocate of queer rights. While queer rights supporters are great, I prefer having allies.

So, when singer Macklemore proudly stands up and proclaims his active support for queer rights, I applaud him. I thank him. And I hope that everyone hears what he has to say because, in the end, it’s all about “same love”.

The Downside of Marriage Equality

Building upon my “Be Your Own Ally” post, this article gives another viewpoint on why being a “strong ally vs passive supporter” is important.

The Downside of Marriage Equality – http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joanne-sprague/the-downside-of-marriage-equality_b_3710014.html

Ignorance Begets Ignorance

Seriously Joking

I have a firm belief – if I don’t know about the topic being discussed, I educate myself. In that regard, the saying “It is better to be thought a fool than open your mouth and remove all doubt about it” is apt.

So, when people blatantly talk about issues that they have virtually no knowledge about, or perpetuate stereotypes under the guise of “spreading information”, they do more harm than good. They do a disservice to their own intellect as well as to others.

Take the case of this one blog, for instance – “Real World by Pulkit Mohan Singla“. While I applaud the author’s initiative in tackling socially taboo issues and writing about them, it doesn’t help a single bit when the information he chooses to pass off as “facts” are, in fact, blatant generalizations and stereotypes that exist in society.

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