Celebrating 100 Posts at CMG!

When I first started this blog, I wanted to begin with a bang. I had a vision for a website that would be informative, entertaining, educative, and relevant. What I didn’t realize was the size of the endeavor I was taking on.

Currently, CMG is run by a single person – me. Thanks to my social networks, there is no dearth of news items and opinion pieces to reblog. However, I wanted CMG to be more than just a compilation of links. I want this place to have some flavor and some zing.

After much cajoling from my friends, and despite the paucity of time, I have finally decided to start a series titled “Life of a Queer Indian”. Basically, it will be journal entries and ramblings from my life; entrenched as it is in the queer life in my city.

I also hope to restart the “Let’s Learn” series. Since I’ll be blogging from my portable device (read: cell phone), I won’t be able to keep these two series as pretty as the first two posts of the Let’s Learn series were. Still, I hope you will all enjoy them.

Stay tuned for the first installment of the Life of a Queer Indian (LoQI) which will be out later tonight.

From, yours truly,
CMG Admin

What A Queer Incident..!!

A very nicely written monologue on an incident from the author’s life.

Envisage And Excerpts from my life

This is my first article and I always wanted to project a bold, fresh perspective on things even if it garnered criticisms and remarks like ‘it’s the new age youth’s thinking’, ‘carefree attitude’ or ‘recklessness and western outlook’. However, according to me it is nothing but a rationally logical and liberal thinking. Here goes my article on the recent section 377 that caught furor like a rolling ball of fire!

It was the infamous 11th December 2013 (11-12-13), when section 377 was re-instated! I was stuck in FC lecture and ma’am was babbling on ‘Human Rights’. How ironical!

Hearing the word ‘human rights’ my mind had drifted off to another boring lecture, another sleep controlling hard attempts at staying awake, another dimly lit class on the second floor of my classes some years back. The class was stacked full with budding yet naive 15 year olds. Very soon…

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A fantastically written and true-to-life post regarding a few realities of gay men everywhere.


Modern Gay Male Models Life

And so the saying goes “the grass is always greener on the other side“. However, those who have actually taken the time to peer over the fence, will have noticed that this isn’t always the case. While it’s human nature to compare ourselves to others, gay boys seem to constantly benchmark themselves against other gay boys.  But is every other gay guy actually having a much better time than you?

In a bid to set the record straight, here are the 5 MISCONCEPTIONS GAY BOYS HAVE ABOUT OTHER GAY BOYS:

Modern Gay Sex Boys

1. Everyone is having more sex than you

You’re the only one not getting laid. While everyone else is having wild, passionate sex with handsome men all over the city you’re eating Ben and Jerry’s Choc Chip Cookie Dough and watching re-runs of Sex and the City.  If you’re in your early 20s you’re particularly worried that when…

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Create Dialogue, Not Debate

Seriously Joking

A lot of arguments can easily be avoided if we start a discussion with the idea of creating a dialogue and not a debate. However, in this age of instant communication, it isn’t easy to follow that diktat.

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