A Nifty Flowchart to Determine Consent

A few days ago, a debate broke out on my facebook news feed regarding consent. The issue was whether consent can be withdrawn during the act itself or not.

A few people argued that if consent was given prior to the sexual act, then if the consent is withdrawn midway, it doesn’t count as “serious rape”.

The idea that there can be a serious or non-serious rape notwithstanding, rape is rape according to me. So, I dug out a nifty flowchart for consent (before and during sex) that one should always follow.


Let’s Play!

serious topicLet’s face it – India isn’t a very sex-friendly country. Us Indians rarely talk frankly about sex and, even if we do, most of it is misinformed whispered. A person who wants to explore their body (self-pleasure or with someone) using toys has nowhere to turn to in this hush-hush atmosphere. Internet doesn’t help either because there are several competing viewpoints. So, as a sex-friendly website, Color Me Gay! was asked thought of writing about this topic. Here we go….

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Porn Myths Debunked

Porn offers a good alternative to sexual fantasies. However, what most people don’t realize is that porn is like all movies – scripted.

There are several re-takes, breaks, and bloopers in an average porn scene. What one sees is the final, edited version. So, always remember that porn is a fantasy – the sex depicted in it is unrealistic.

Believe me, because I’ve done it with a porn star…and it was nothing like their reel-life performance. 😉