Of a Selective Moving | Nirmukta

By dismissing the review petitions against the Section 377 order, the Supreme Court has shown how selective it is in enforcing the rights of minorities. Here is a well written piece on the hypocritical attitude adopted by the Apex Court.



Debunking Arguments For 377

A lot has been said regarding India’s anti-sodomy law – section 377. So, here’s a succinct piece that sums up the arguments for getting rid of the archaic law.


Transgenders against IPC section 377; stage protest

Transgenders against IPC section 377; stage protest.

Demanding cancellation of IPC Section 377, members of Karnataka Sexual Minorities Forum, along with their supporters, staged a protest demonstration in Chamarajanagar, on Tuesday.

Going against the tide of history – The Hindu

Siddharth Dube writes of his experience of being gay in India, of how the country is now more accommodative of differences in sexual orientation than it was three decades ago, and why the Supreme Court judgment on Section 377 came as a major disappointment.


Gay sex still criminal: Indian Supreme Court refuses to review verdict | NDTV.com

The Indian Supreme Court today refused to review its December 2013 verdict that re-criminalized private, consensual sex between adults.


A perfect critique of the Section 377 Judgment

I thought that I had posted this, but I was mistaken. So, here is a critique of the Indian Supreme Court’s judgment that set aside the 2009 Delhi High Court verdict and re-criminalized private, consensual sex between adults.

Note: The article was first published online in Outlook by Mr. GAUTAM BHATIA on 11 December 2013. It is reproduced as-is.

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Govt files review petition in SC on gay sex verdict

The Indian government has filed a review petition with the Supreme Court against the prior verdict upholding Section 377 of the IPC’s constitutional validity.

The Government had earlier expressed disappointment at the verdict, calling it a regressive judgment that went against the founding principles of the country.


Supreme Court sets aside Delhi HC verdict decriminalising gay sex – The Hindu

In a move that’ll put India 4 years behind and criminalize sodomy with a term of life imprisonment, the Supreme Court of India set aside the Delhi High Court’s judgment of 2009 that decriminalized private consensual sex between adults.

India will now join the ranks of countries criminalizing sodomy and homosexuality. it will be 83rd such country to do so.