What A Queer Incident (Part 2)

The next instalment to a true story based in India..

Envisage And Excerpts from my life

            It was taking forever to reach Azad Maidan. I wondered if ants would race us and go ahead too at one point! “Uncle, can we go faster? I am getting late?” I said irritation apparent in my tone.
            “Arre, how fast? (Yeah right) Don’t you see the traffic? (almost empty roads!) If I drive any faster, we would only meet with an accident,” he said and continued mumbling in a rough tone with a hurt ego. There was no point arguing with him because if this was fast for him then probably anything more than this would be next to flying!
            Suddenly, it dawned on me that I couldn’t have blamed him either. He was paralyzed by his fear and prejudice. We all are pulled down with some fear and prejudice and it’s always hard to break free from the shackles…

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What A Queer Incident..!!

A very nicely written monologue on an incident from the author’s life.

Envisage And Excerpts from my life

This is my first article and I always wanted to project a bold, fresh perspective on things even if it garnered criticisms and remarks like ‘it’s the new age youth’s thinking’, ‘carefree attitude’ or ‘recklessness and western outlook’. However, according to me it is nothing but a rationally logical and liberal thinking. Here goes my article on the recent section 377 that caught furor like a rolling ball of fire!

It was the infamous 11th December 2013 (11-12-13), when section 377 was re-instated! I was stuck in FC lecture and ma’am was babbling on ‘Human Rights’. How ironical!

Hearing the word ‘human rights’ my mind had drifted off to another boring lecture, another sleep controlling hard attempts at staying awake, another dimly lit class on the second floor of my classes some years back. The class was stacked full with budding yet naive 15 year olds. Very soon…

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