Chandigarh Pride Week 2014: Events List

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Why we walk the pride?


This was my first pride, if I were to discount the previous two where I participated as an observer. Sitting at the steps of Town Hall, Bangalore where the pride culminates, I was always there as an outsider, taking notes, vying for quotes from the ‘who’s who’ from with the community.

This pride was different. I actually walked the pride. And I felt part of the community. I am proud to be part of the community. I’m the A (if you really need to know) in the LGBTIQA, yes the last or latest edition to the acronym. And that A can mean different things to different people – it stands for Asexual, Ally or Advocate. And it is anyone’s guess which of the three I belong to. On Sunday, I was part of the march.

Walked along complete strangers and exchanged hellos that didn’t seem forced, chatted with them, complimented…

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Chandigarh Pride Week 2014


The Chandigarh Pride Committee is proud to announce its second annual Pride week. Like CDI on Facebook for up-to-date info.

The details for the events are as follows – (updated on 25/02/2014 @ 4.25pm)

Note:  There’s an update to the pride event list. The healthy sex practices workshop to be held on the 1st is being held at 12pm instead of 3pm. Same location. 

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Guwahati hosts NER’s first Queer Pride March

The North Eastern Region of India went all rainbow and unicorns for the first time when Guwahati hosted its Queer Pride March yesterday (9th February, 2014)

Guwahati Pride 2014 Info

Guwahati hosts first Queer Pride march in the North-East

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The recent Supreme Court verdict on Section 377 has outraged the entire country and also the international forum. Further dismissal and rejection by the SC on the plea for a review petition has accelerated this rage further more. Oppression and discrimination in India against the LGBTQ community is not new. There are innumerable everyday instances of labeling the LGBTQ community as ‘immoral’ and ‘unnatural’. The suppression, violence and terror that the community has to live with every day for not conforming to deep rooted stereotypical social norms and notions of sexuality are often ignored. The moral policing and the stigma that goes along with being labeled as immoral is a bitter truth that is hardly taken into account. Even worse is the fact that the very existence of the community itself is mostly denied.

The discourse on LGBTQ is still at its nascent stage in North East India. Although a few projects initiated under State bodies have been working with the community, these initiatives focus only on the health and safety aspect of the community. It is sad that there is hardly any organization, especially in the context of Assam that has taken up the cause of the LGBTQ from an Identity and Human Rights perspective. This could be attributed to the stigma and general lack of awareness on the issues of LGBTQ. While the issue is still invisible in the public sphere, it remains undercover in the private sphere. Manipur has a vibrant LGBTQ community although no LGBTQ pride march has been organized in the state so far. It is strange that this sad state of affairs exist despite the ancient existence of the LGBTQ community in India including Assam and other North Eastern states. The severe rejection that one experiences for identifying oneself with the LGBTQ community continues to silence a lot of people who are forced to live a dual life just to keep up with the standards of “social acceptability”. It is high time that the society come out of its comfort zones and closed mindsets of ‘unnaturalities’ and cultural norms, and start discussing the issues of the community at much serious levels. Violation of LGBTQ rights is another severe violation of Human rights and right to a life with dignity.

Taking into account the seriousness of the issue a group of concerned individuals came together to organize the FIRST QUEER PRIDE PARADE in Guwahati City and a PROTEST against Section 377 on the 9th of Feb 2013. It is for the first time that people from diverse backgrounds and irrespective of their gender and sexuality, personal and political affiliations are coming together to voice up their solidarity for the rights of LGBTQ community in the North East. The event has received strong support and solidarity from the region and across the country.

The details for the pride and the protest are:
Venue: Dighalipukhuri, Main Gate
Time: 10 am
Route for the pride: Dighalipukhuri via Panbazar -Latashil _Lamb Road-
GNB – TC school Fountain.


It is expected that this initiative will open up spaces for discussion, networking, conscientization and more and more visibility for the LGBTQ in the North East.

Pride Calendar: Pride Celebrations in India

I thought it’d be a good idea to have a list of the cities that are organizing Queer Pride in the upcoming days/months all over India. So, here’s the list –

Bangalore Pride on November 24th 2013
New Delhi Pride on November 24th 2013
Pune also on November 24th 2013
Ahmedabad Pride on December 1st 2013
Mumbai Pride on February 1st 2014

Chandigarh Pride is tentatively planned for February 1st 2014. However, it isn’t confirmed yet.

This is the current and up-to-date list as of 21st November 2013 8.30pm IST. If you notice that a city isn’t listed, or is listed incorrectly, please let me know.

Update: 22nd November 2013 2.20pm Here’s the event schedule for Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune Prides

BREAKING: Gujarat to host its second Pride Parade in a year

Gujarat, India’s westernmost state, plans to hold its second Pride this year on 1st December 2013 in Ahmedabad.

The state’s first ever pride parade was held earlier this year in Surat and was well received by its people.

This is pride season in India with several cities lined up to host Queer Pride in the coming days – New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and more.

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