A Nifty Flowchart to Determine Consent

A few days ago, a debate broke out on my facebook news feed regarding consent. The issue was whether consent can be withdrawn during the act itself or not.

A few people argued that if consent was given prior to the sexual act, then if the consent is withdrawn midway, it doesn’t count as “serious rape”.

The idea that there can be a serious or non-serious rape notwithstanding, rape is rape according to me. So, I dug out a nifty flowchart for consent (before and during sex) that one should always follow.


The Gays vs. The Grammys.

I couldn’t have put it better.


A friend from New York City posted the following status update this morning, “If only people would have as much courage to stand up to their enemies as vigorously as they try to rip apart their allies.” My feelings toward the social media commentary (from a particular segment of the population), regarding last night’s Grammy Awards, had been perfectly captured.

Ah, award shows. A time-honored tradition that I had pretty much written off once the music industry segued from recognizing the innovative in favor of the commercial (that’s an article for another day). With that said, I had very little interest in any aspect of the 2014 Grammy Awards until I came across a blurb about a scheduled performance of Macklemore’s marriage equality anthem, “Same Love.” The rendition was also set to feature the track’s collaborators, Ryan Lewis and Mary Lambert, as well as Madonna and Queen Latifah (the latter would be the…

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