Sangharsha 1.6

Here we go….second to last instalment.

*       *      *

Karan entered the N.G.O’s office for a meeting with Rahul Sharma. Dost was a Non-Governmental Organisation working for the emancipation of homosexuals in India. It had a helpline wing that provided people with professional help like psychologists, psychiatrists, lawyers, and sometimes even friends. Varun had contacted them in hope of getting Karan out of the clutches of the shadowy people at M.G. Road.

Ravi and his friends had taken compromising pictures of Karan that night. They regularly used extortion, forcing him into embezzlement and even sexual gratification after that incident two months back. All this was wreaking havoc with Karan’s psyche, which was on the verge of a complete collapse.

When Karan told Rahul all the details, he was enraged. Of all the cases he handled, non-consensual sex really ruffled his feathers. If there was one thing he could not stand, it was one person taking advantage of another. He resolved to do everything in his power to sort everything out and tried to assure a disturbed Karan that everything will be all right.

Dost’s team handled the situation perfectly. Ravi and his friends were jailed for extortion when they were caught red-handed by police officers known to Dost. When they tried to influence the police officers with Karan’s pictures as well as money, Dost’slawyers ensured that the charges of blackmail, libel and bribery were also added to the list of charges against them. The lawyers also ensured that Karan was not booked under any offence as, according to law, gay sex was a criminal offence. It took a lot of string-pulling, but they were successful in the end.

Varun had been a pillar for Karan right from the start of this ordeal and he continued to offer unconditional support to the distressed boy in his times of need. Karan finally acknowledged his feelings for Varun and they started dating shortly after Ravi and his goons were tried for the charges. They were sentenced to five years in prison.

*    *    *    to be continued   *    *     *