A Nifty Flowchart to Determine Consent

A few days ago, a debate broke out on my facebook news feed regarding consent. The issue was whether consent can be withdrawn during the act itself or not.

A few people argued that if consent was given prior to the sexual act, then if the consent is withdrawn midway, it doesn’t count as “serious rape”.

The idea that there can be a serious or non-serious rape notwithstanding, rape is rape according to me. So, I dug out a nifty flowchart for consent (before and during sex) that one should always follow.



27 Male Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them – BuzzFeed Mobile

Men are victims of sexual assault too.


Men are Victims of Rape Too

Not much is said or discussed about the fact that men can be victims of sexual assault as well. In a highly patriarchal society that places so much importance on the masculine identity, the shame and stigma associated with being a man prevents many survivors from speaking out about their experiences. Here’s an exception.
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